Kale or steak? Change in diet key to UN plan to end hunger by 2030

Kale grows on the Chino family farm in Rancho Santa Fe, California March 7, 2013 (Reuters)

In trendy, hipster London or New York, it’s all about juicing, vegan diets and snacking on kale crisps. Thousands of miles away, in Nairobi or Bogota, the middle classes are more likely to reach for roasted goat or a juicy steak. Later this month, world leaders are set to endorse a UN goal to eliminate hunger by 2030, but they ...

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Ten of Cairo’s best ice cream and frozen yogurt parlors


Now that the harshest days of the heatwave are over, you can enjoy a stroll and a refreshing scoop or two Here are the best ten places in Cairo to fulfill your ice cream craving: Carvel Carvel serves up a diverse flavours ranging from the traditional chocolate and strawberry to mint chocolate and butter pecan. The chocolate and vanilla ice ...

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Doctors face possible national threat


During a shift that started like any other, Dr Mina Nabil, an intensive care and anaesthesia doctor, received a phone call at 4pm, informing him of a critically ill patient suffering from a dangerously high temperature and breathing difficulties During a shift that started like any other, Dr Mina Nabil, an intensive care and anaesthesia doctor, received a phone call ...

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Medical marijuana: Good evidence for some diseases, weak for others


Moderate- or high-quality evidence supports the use of marijuana for some medical conditions, but not for others, according to a fresh review of past research. After reviewing 80 randomized trials that included nearly 6,500 people, researchers found moderate support for using marijuana to treat chronic pain and muscle spasms and involuntary movements.  The evidence wasn’t as strong to support marijuana’s ...

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Egypt doctors call for premarital screening to detect Thalassemia


Egyptian doctors have called for an obligatory premarital test to identify whose children are at increased risk of Thalassemia, a genetic blood disorder that already affects up to 9 percent of Egyptians. Potential parents should undergo genetic screening to see if their children are likely to suffer from Thalassemia, specialists of the blood disorder said at a medical conference held ...

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Cairo temperatures to reach 45 degrees on Wednesday


The heat wave currently hitting Egypt is to peak on Wednesday, with temperatures reaching 47 degrees Celsius in the coastal city of Hurghada, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority has announced. Temperatures in Cairo are to vary between 45 and 28 degrees Celsius, according to a statement from the authority on Tuesday afternoon. Hurghada is set to be the hottest city in ...

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Temperatures in Cairo to hit 40 on Monday


Meteorological experts have warned against spending too much time in the sun this week, predicting that the unseasonal heatwave will see temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius on Monday — and continue to rise. Egyptian Meteorological Authority spokesperson Wahid Seoudi told Ahram Online that temperatures will reach 41 degrees in Cairo on Tuesday and 44 degrees on Wednesday. The hot weather ...

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Refugees living off the welfare system in non-Muslim countries


Question I am asking about Muslim refugees in non-Muslim countries, is the money received from governments lawful? I heard that existing, living and staying in Europe is unlawful for Muslim refugees. What is the Islamic stance on that? Answer The formulation of your question entails in its fold that Muslims ought to be staying in their native Muslim countries without ...

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I live in England. Can I spend charity to hospitals treating children with chronic diseases?


Muslims ought to extend their hands with mercy and reach out to the needy no matter where they are. The concept of charity in Islam is not only confined to financial aid and monetary dealings but it also takes different shapes and various forms which starts from the simple act of smiling to people and removing any harm away from ...

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Egypt makes record annual purchase of domestic wheat: Ministry


The Egyptian government has bought 4.58 million tonnes of wheat from local farmers since the beginning of harvest in April, the supply ministry announced Friday. The figure is the largest ever annual purchase of domestic wheat by the government, and surpasses an initial target of 3.7 million tonnes. In a statement the supply minister, Khaled Hanafy, attributed the rise to ...

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